Rise of the Chaos Lord

Stuff that happened while I was gone

The high priest murdered most of the warriors and other men in the town. We killed him and then burned the town down and ran off with a herd of horses and the rest of the townsfolk to the nearest city.

The story so far (Part 1)
Adventurers(?) Gather

The campaign starts at the Citadel a ancient keep on the edge of the civilized lands. At the inn(The Golden Ring) the mighty(?) adventurers meet and form a band with which to vanquish the evil that besets the area. In their number is a elfin priest with a destiny, a human master of deceit, a amazonian human warrior, and a nature loving gnome with a massive canine companion.

They start by gathering information in the Citadel. After gathering information and a nice map they promptly embark on the quest to fight evil and head in the wrong direction. While marching on the road leaving the Citadel(in the wrong direction) they encounter a band of the Citadel guards investigating a ambush. Seeking to aid the soldiers in their investigation the master of deceit uses his skills to convince the soldiers that they were sent by the local government to help in the investigation. While searching the site for clues they find that the ambushers headed north from the location. They following the ambushers they discover some evidence as to the extent of the evil that they are seeking to combat. Still following the culprits they come to a point where the forest path forks having two choices to make the adventurers choose to head west(once again the wrong direction.) While proceeding through the woods the oblivious adventurers are ambushed by the mad hermit and his pet cougar. Slaying their ambushers in short order they continue on the path discovering the a massive tree with a hollow at its base where someone has taken up residence. They knock and wait for several minutes to no avail(they already butchered the owners earlier.) After growing bored they loot the place and climb the tree discovering the hermits observation post. From the post they see evidence of the location of the evil that they seek to fight.

Cont. in part two

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